Articles of Association

§1 Name and domicile

  1. The association’s name is the Association for Information on Complementary Cancer Treatment in Denmark. Abbreviated: FOOKiD.
  2. Address is www,


§ 2 Purpose

  1. The purpose of the association is to inform cancer victims about treatment options in Denmark and abroad.
  2. inform health professionals, health authorities and other stakeholders in the field of health in Denmark about treatment options in Denmark and abroad.
  3. The association works on the basis of a conviction that cancer sufferers are entitled to information on valid treatment options in Denmark and abroad, regardless of the degree of evidence. the existing information on treatment options in Denmark and abroad and establish a national and international information center on the Internet.
  4. The association works to create openness and debate about the results of cancer treatment and side effects.
  5. The association works to create opportunities for research into complementary treatment.
  6. The association is an independent and independent association. It must remain independent, organizational as well as financial, of commercial interests.
  7. The association wants to cooperate with other self-help organizations possibly. international groups and other associations with similar goals.


§ 3 Membership

  1. All who can support the association’s mission statement can become a member.
  2. As a member one subscribes for one year at a time.
  3. Only full members have the right to vote at the general meeting and can be included in the board.
  4. All types of members have spoken at the general meeting.


§ 4 The General Meeting

  1. The General Assembly is the highest authority of the association.
  2. The Annual General Meeting shall take place no later than April and must be convened with at least three weeks’ notice per day. mail / post.
  3. Proposals that are to be considered at the general meeting must reach the Board no later than 14 days before.
  4. At the Annual General Meeting, a Board shall be elected, which shall consist of five members.
  5. The chairman is elected for a year.
  6. Other 4 members are elected for two years, so that half are up for election in equal years and the other half in odd years.
  7. In addition, 2 alternates are elected at the general meeting for one year at a time.
  8. In addition, one internal auditor and one deputy auditor are elected for one year.


The agenda for the general meeting shall as a minimum include:

  1. Election of chairman.
  2. Choice of referee and possibly voters.
  3. Presentation of the Board of Directors’ report and approval thereof.
  4. Presentation and approval of accounts.
  5. Processing of received proposals.
  6. Determination of quota.
  7. Election of Chairman.
  8. Election of members to the board.
  9. Choice of internal and external auditor.
  10. Election of alternates.
  11. Possibly.


§ 5 General meeting management

  1. The General Assembly is chaired by the chairman.
  2. Questions regarding voting procedures are decided by the general meeting.
  3. The General Assembly’s resolutions are taken to the protocol.
  4. The Board’s report must be in writing.
  5. At the general meeting, all full members have one vote.
  6. Voting can be made by written authorization.
  7. However, a member present may at most represent two votes incl. its own.
  8. All person elections must be made by written vote if at least one of the voting members so wishes.


§ 6 Extraordinary General Meeting

  1. Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Board and must be convened if at least 1/4 of the voting members so request in writing.
  2. Extraordinary General Meeting must be convened with 5 weeks notice by e-mail or letter to the members.
  3. Extraordinary general meeting is held as the ordinary – however, the ordinary agenda may be omitted.


§ 7 Amendments to the Articles of Association

  1. Amendments to the Articles of Association require that at least 3/4 of the attending voting members may approve the amendment.
  2. By amendments to the Articles 2 & 3 of Association  is also summoned to an extraordinary general meeting, where the amendments are finally adopted.
  3. The extraordinary general meeting is held no later than 6 weeks after the mandatory section


§ 8. The Board

  1. The Board constitutes itself with minimum vice chairman and cashier.
  2. The chairman is elected at the general meeting.
  3. The Board determines the rules of procedure.
  4. The decisions of the Board shall be decided by a majority of votes.
  5. All board members have the right to vote.
  6. In case of a tie, the chairman’s (or by his absence the vice-chairman) vote is decisive.
  7. The board holds at least one meeting during the quarter.
  8. In order for the board to be a quorum, at least half of the board members must be present, in addition, either the chairman or the vice chairman must be present.
  9. The summons for the board meeting must contain the agenda.
  10. The board of directors cannot employ paid salaries without the consent of the general meeting.
  11. However, the board can purchase specific services.
  12. All association work done by the board is unpaid, however, the chairman can be remunerated.
  13. All outlays in connection with agreed association work are reimbursed.


§ 9 The subscription rules

  1. The association is signed by the chairman and an additional member of the board.
  2. The board may issue an agreement to individuals in agreement.


§ 10 Financials

  1. The association’s financial year is the calendar year.
  2. The financial Statements are prepared by the cashier and / or external accountant and random checks are carried out.
  3. The association’s finances are based on voluntary contributions, grants, donations, user payments, funds, income-generating companies and quota income.
  4. Members are not liable for the association’s dispositions.
  5. The association cannot establish debt.


§ 11 Exclusion

  1. The Board may exclude members who oppose the association’s purpose or damage the association’s reputation.
  2. An exclusion can be tested at the next general meeting.


§ 12 Resolution

  1. The association can be dissolved at two consecutive general meetings by 2/3 majority of votes.
  2. The fortune of the association then passes to a fund for the purpose of informing cancer patients.



Thus adopted at the founding general meeting on 28 April 2019


Torben Nielsen