Newsletter, September 2019


We hope you all had a wonderful, beautiful summer – we had.


It is not so long since we lifted of and already now we are close to 600 members in the closed group, Repurposed Drugs mod kræft – it is absolutely beautiful and we are very proud that so many people support our vision. THANK YOU!

It is not going so fast with members of the association but we are incredibly happy that there are now 76 members of the association – thank you to all of you who also support us in this way.

We very much like you to spread the message about the association and encourage people to become a member – the more members we are, the louder it sound when we “shout” about RD.


We want to take this opportunity to first thank two very special people who have offered their help on two essential “fronts”

  • Chalida has offered her help with our database project and is currently working with John to search for scientific studies supporting Repurposed Drugs and put them in the database. BIG thanks to Chalida for her invaluable help. ; 0)
  • Eva has offered her help to translate How to starve cancer and translates all alone. Of course, we are always on her sidelines if she think we can be used for anything in the process. BIG thank to Eva for her invaluable help. ; 0)

If there are others who have the surplus and want to help us, you are very welcome to write to Torben at:

In addition, a lot of other things have also happened in this short time.

We have made an agreement with Jane McLelland to publish her book in Denmark. Jacob is working on a draft of a binding agreement with her and when Jane has (probably with some negotiation) entered into this, we are legally ready to publish the book.

In this process we, as you also know, have executed a crowdfunding campaign on which has collected more than 6,000, – kroner and THAT we are very happy.

The campaign is posted on our official Facebook page, FOOKiD where it can be shared from so you may very well share it – Thank you.

Jacob and Torben are going abroad again to attend a conference. This time it is in Brussels and we are working on high pressure to have a meeting with the European umbrella organization, ECPC – European Cancer Patient Coalition – which has shown interest in the large database project with Repurposed Drugs. We succeeded and the day after the conference we meet ECPC Director – we are very excited about this meeting.

John has looking into getting an RD information lecture to stand and asked the members of the FB group for good ideas for location in the country, locality and more. It was impressive so many who responded and we are very grateful. The information lecture will be held in Odense on October 29 and John will host an event so you can see if it is something you want to attend.

The Brain Tumor Association has invited us to an information meeting, where researchers from KB will also attend, which will be about Repurposed Drugs. As the meeting is held at KB’s center in Copenhagen, it is Jacob and Torben who participate with info on RD.

René from the brain tumor association have put the event in the closed group and we have posted it on the official FB page so that it can be shared. Everyone is welcome regardless of membership of the Brain Tumor Association.

We joined the evidence debate with Torben’s contribution in the Sundhedspolitisk tidsskrift and John received an informational post

in the Jydske West Coast. In addition, Torben tweets about RD and health in general.

Instagram has come up and so is Youtube so now we can be followed on more social media. ; 0)

Pavia Lumholt released a TEDx Talk on Frederiksberg back in June and it has long been published on Youtube – watch it.

The association itself has now also become quite legitimate in the legal sense. We have now finally got Nemid, Nemkonto and all what Denmark requires of an association. We are really happy that all this is now over so we can focus on what matters to us and all of you who support us.

The predominant focus is on the publication of Jane’s book as well as the database work. John, Jacob and Torben are working hard to find the funding we need to realize these two big projects.

The crowdfunding campaign is an important part of this funding and we would like, once again, to encourage you to support it and / or share it from our official FB side – to share it is also a great support.


We come with several exciting initiatives in the near future, hang on and follow the development of this fantastic association, which – if we where to say it – will make a strongly impact on the Danish health debate as well as in the population. The next initiative will be no less than revolutionary in Denmark.


Once again THANK YOU for your support, without YOU and the many members of the FB group our vision would disappear into oblivion and not improve the situation for Danish cancer patients.


Best Autumn Greetings


The Board.