June 2019


On this exciting election night, this year 2019, we send the first issue of a newsletter – we hope you will embrace it as well as you have embraced both the FB group and the association.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the others who have chosen to support our vision of a much needed public education in relation to complementary treatments, especially in the cancer field.

Far too many cancer patients experience what is at the heart of the debate we have just posted on the Sundhedspolitisk tidsskrift – a journal Most health political debaters, opinion makers and politicians follow and read.

It is great that we have already received talk time on a media that has such great impact. If you have not read the debate post you can read it here.


We are working on high pressure to realize our vision. Recently, we have spent a great deal of energy on establishing the association in relation to meeting the official requirements for associations, banking and CVR. It has gone really well and FOOKiD is now a very real and legitimate association in Denmark.

In addition to this we have many other irons in the fire – we are not on the lazy side and the balls in the air can in between be difficult to grab and hold flying. But we succeed and we can tell you about the following initiatives.


Anne Sofie is our Medical lexicon – she knuckles uninterrupted in providing, advising and producing credible material for our Fb group, Repurposed Drugs mod kræft. Everyone who uses the group reaps big time by Anne Sofie’s selfless, insistent and loving information on Repurposed Drugs – THANK YOU, Anne Sofie, is just a poor word.


John is also very active in the group. John has a large and wide knowledge that he selflessly shares to anyone who asks for advice, info and more. We are incredibly pleased that John is “pairing” with Anne Sofie and informing anyone interested about Repurposed Drugs.


Jacob and Torben are going to Amsterdam on June 18 & 19 to attend a European workshop involving both professional and cancer advocates from most of the world . At this international workshop we made an agreement to meet with the President and Vice President of the European Umbrella Organization ECPC – European Cancer Patient Coalition – who expresses an interest in our vision and project. We are incredibly happy and proud of that.

The same two fiery souls are going to London for week 30 to meet Jane McLelland, who has written the book: How to starve cancer. The meeting will be about publishing her book in Denmark, in Danish. We are working on getting the book translated and then published in Denmark.

TEDx Frederiksberg had arranged a fantastic event in DR’s old concert hall. At this event Pavia Lumholt had a Talk about Repurposed Drugs and he reaped the second biggest applause with standing ovations. Naturally, we were present and patted Pavia on the shoulder after well-done Talk – Repurposed Drugs are now on the health political agenda.

As you know, we have established ourselves at Fb. We are also in the process of consuming several other well-known and used social media sites such as: Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. We are already on Twitter with meaningful and interesting tweets.

Unfortunately we do not reach the People’s Meeting on Bornholm this year but we intend to leave next year. The opportunity to attend the Møn Folk Assembly in August is present and we are considering going there.


As you can see, we are passionate about the vision that everyone who uses the Fb group and those who have joined the association support. We are convinced that Repurposed Drugs is a game changer within the established treatment, including in particular the cancer treatment.

The future will bring to life our vision with a public database that everyone can use and thus use the knowledge that will be found in this database to complement their treatment.

The future will also bring an understanding and acceptance of Repurposed Drugs as a recognized way to complement treatments in Denmark.

We hope that you will have a wonderful summer, that you will enjoy it and hopefully have beautiful and warm experiences in it. Whether it is within the Danish borders or outside, we hope it will do you and your family well.

Thanks for your support.


Best summer greetings

The Board