Repurposed Drugs

A complementary treatment option that the established cancer treatment does not inform Danish cancer patients about. Repurposed drugs are about reuse and common sense.

Over time, unprecedented amounts of drugs have been developed for specific purposes and some of these known drugs have very positive effects on things other than those specifically designed for, such as cancer.

In Denmark, Repurposed Drugs, in recent years, has become widespread by two doctors who both have cancer close to life. Anne Sofie Boldsen Salicath and Pavia Lumholt are both great advocates of Repurposed Drugs as a complementary treatment to – and in conjunction with the conventional treatment.

Out in the world, the most well-known and referenced user of Repurposed Drugs is probably Jane McLelland who “starved” the cancer with Off label medicine (Repurposed Drugs) and has a lovely life here 15 years after its actual death sentence by the English conventional treatment system.

Jane McLelland has written about her use of Repurposed Drugs in the book: How to starve cancer and is very active on her facebook group: Jane Mclelland off label drugs for cancer.

Ben A. Wiiliam’s PhD in Psychology used Off label (Repurposed Drugs) as he helped survive a terminal brain cancer diagnosis and survived best for two decades. Ben has dedicated his life to informing and helping other cancer sufferers with the use of Repurposed Drugs. Ben A. Williams has written the book: Surviving “terminal” cancer and is portrayed in the documentary of the same name.

Our own Anne Sofie is very active in the dissemination of the information on Repurposed Drugs in Denmark, through the facebook group: Repurposed Drugs against cancer. A closed group that everyone interested can join in reaping all the knowledge and information that Anne Sofie has with several entries, informing and commenting.

As a small example and to show what Repurposed Drugs can add to a conventional chemo or ray treatment we will Highlight Metformin. Many of the cancer drugs approved today and currently used increase the survival by 5 to 6 weeks for cancer sufferers – often with very serious and life-changing side effects that the individual has to deal with in his life-threatening cancer disease.

Repurposed Drugs in Phase I and II studies have shown that if, for example, the diabetes drug Metformin is used as a supplement to the standard treatment for lung cancer, the life span is extended by 11 months – there is a great difference between living 5-6 weeks or 11 months more.

“Old” drug, where the side effects are almost non-existent. Metformin is just one of more than 235 known drugs that have positive effects on, inter alia, cancer. Information on Metformin and many other known drugs’ positive effects on, for example, cancer called Repurposed Drug are not readily available to cancer sufferers, their caregivers or health professionals in Denmark.

Care Oncology Clinic in London is a clinic that works from a protocol with four commonly known drugs in combination, which have shown exceptionally good effects on different types of cancer. The COC protocol is thus based on Repurposed Drugs (Off label) and has incredibly good effects in the combination with the ordinary and conventional treatment.

In the Care Oncology Clinic, Danish cancer sufferers can also seek information, consultations and more. They even print EEA prescriptions (fully legal) that can be applied to Danish pharmacies.

Danish cancer patients have great interest in Repurposed Drugs and therefore the initiators of Repurposed Drugs against cancer group on facebook will inform cancer victims directly about these opportunities and start a dialogue and a future collaboration. with the established treatment system.The initiators of the facebook group have therefore established this new association which aims to inform about complementary treatments for, among others, cancer affected, such as Repurposed Drugs.

The association offers free membership the first year. Everyone is welcome to join the association via the website’s registration form.